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10% off for Seniors!

Help for that %#@&! Computer!

Personalized Help at Your Location While You Wait

Have a problem with eMail? Can't find that photo of your kids? Computer virus slowing you down? Printer not working? We can help! We come to you to solve your computer and technology problems. We will visit you and fix your problem while you wait. We can fix it for you, or show you how to fix it yourself.

We can get that printer working, wipe out that virus, and get that internet connection working in short order. We can show you how to connect with your grand kids on FaceBook, update an address in your eMail program, and format those columns in your spreadsheet. We can help you print the photos from your phone, setup regular automatic backups for your hard drive, find lost files, and much much more.

Our rates are very reasonable, and we guarantee our work. If we can't fix your problem to your satisfaction, you don't pay. We're very friendly with seniors: We offer a 10% discount for seniors.

Our Expertise

We're pretty versatile nerds, having grown up with these techy devices. We're capable of working with:

How Our Help Works

We gurantee our work, so just call us!

Give us a call, or send us an eMail. We'll ask you some overall information about your problem. If possible, we'll walk you through the solution over the phone. Otherwise, we'll visit your location and fix the problem while you wait. If you need some "hand holding", we'll stay with you as long as you need us to make sure you're ready to fly on your own.

If we can't solve your problem, you don't owe us anything. Our rates are very reasonable, much less than the "geniuses" at the big box stores. Also, we offer a 10% discount for seniors.

About Us

We're a group of nerds who love techy things. We all have college degrees, most of them in the engineering disciplines. We're mature enough to come into your home. We'll treat you respectfully, and will clean up any mess we make.

We've been working with computers and tech devices for our entire lives. Pushing buttons and swiping screens seems as normal to us as picking up a phone. We can solve your tech problem.

Our Fee Structure

Our fees are very resonable.

Phone Support: $50 per hour (Free for initial consulation and scheduling a visit)
On Site Support: $50 per hour (1 hour minimum, then in 15-minute increments.)
NOTE: 10% Discount for Seniors

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